I am a visual artist and a book designer. Telling stories is what unites both practices. This website presents a limited cross section of my artistic work. A website that offers an in depth overview of my drawings and paintings is in the making.


As an artist I am interested in the vulnerability of the human condition, the way we are dropped into life. My drawings and paintings scan the boundaries between our psychological interior and physical exterior. I study our inner world in which we grapple with our mortality, our limitations, our physical and mental inheritance — partly written down in our DNA — as well as the told and untold family histories that determine our lives and unconsciously shape our thinking, feeling, behaviour and beliefs. I see the body as a witness, a carrier of experiences; a porous, temporary mold in which the individual consiounceness has been casted.

I draw from the well of my own life. In literature, this is called autofiction. In numerous portraits of my wife, my father, my mother and of myself I examine what it means to be alive.

My working method questions and explores the role scale and technique play in relation to evoking gravity, intimacy and meaning. For me the physical properties of the drawing or painting — size, material, handwriting — are of equal importance compared to its subject matter. I often work in series in which I study the possibilities of the same set of images in various techniques and sizes. Photographs and sketches provide a rich image bank to choose singular images that are explored. Like an archeologist, I delve into the different emotional layers that can often be found in one single image. By going back to the same images, over and over again, my themes evolve over time.

In 2018 I made my debut as an artist with the soloshow Quarantaine at Stedelijk Museum Breda. I was also responsible for the editing and graphic design of this exhibition.


If you’re interested in my work, in cooperating, or in acquiring work, please get in touch.